Model Download Page

License / Usage rights:

Openkig is, well, open! Kigs should be free for everyone ^.^

Feel free to use this model for any purpose, Personal or Commercial.

The only requirements are as follows:
For commercial use please include the text, 3d model provided by /
If the model is modified you can say something like initial 3d models provided by by / and modified by *yourname/company*.

For personal use, no restrictions at all, Just have fun! But… We would love to see what you have made, please post pictures on our facebook page


      Sculptris by Pixologic a Free 3D editor used to create the .sc1 files

Full Release Masks

Model: PonyKig

MLP-ish Kig mask. Source information in the included file

Model: Adora

Our First Kig mask created by Flora Hill

    – 3d printable files: FloraAdora10

Model: KigAnthro

Model: MLP Blank – Pony Kig

Note: this mask is cut and hollowed out, but would still need diced up to fit your particular printer.

3d files:

Pre-release Masks

This is a pre-release, raw Sculptris model only. at some point we may work this into a fully printable kit, but for now here is the raw model for everyone to play with!

Model: Iris

The cyclops in its natural habitat never make eyeball puns because they’re too cornea

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: Re’Tina

Chibi cyclops is a very visible learner. Now with 100% less nose

   – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: Marietta

Basic dollkig design; perfect for trying your best to blend in to a herd of wild BJDs

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: Bran the Bear

This little fluffy trickster is a generic offshoot of a cartoon bear design I created on commission, posted here by permission of the buyer. Picnic basket safety not guaranteed

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file: KigBear2

Model: Muertina

This model was based on my first ever kig; a sugarskull character named Muerta. Hopefully this wide eyed little skele will melt your heart even if her own isn’t beating

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: 1yra

1yra (Lyra) is just your typical robot anime girl. AI not included in download files.

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file: 1yra