Model Download Page

License / Usage rights:

Openkig is, well, open! Kigs should be free for everyone ^.^

Feel free to use this model for any purpose, Personal or Commercial.

The only requirements are as follows:
For commercial use please include the text, 3d model provided by /
If the model is modified you can say something like initial 3d models provided by by / and modified by *yourname/company*.

For personal use, no restrictions at all, Just have fun! But… We would love to see what you have made, please post pictures on our facebook page


      Sculptris by Pixologic a Free 3D editor used to create the .sc1 files

OpenKig – Full Release Masks


Model: Adora

Our First Kig mask created by Flora Hill

    – 3d printable files: FloraAdora10

Model: KigAnthro

Model: MLP Blank – Pony Kig

Note: this mask is cut and hollowed out, but would still need diced up to fit your particular printer.

3d files:

Pre=Release Masks

This is a pre-release, raw Sculptris model only. at some point we may work this into a fully printable kit, but for now here is the raw model for everyone to play with!

Model: Iris

The cyclops in its natural habitat never make eyeball puns because they’re too cornea

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: Re’Tina

Chibi cyclops is a very visible learner. Now with 100% less nose

   – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: Marietta

Basic dollkig design; perfect for trying your best to blend in to a herd of wild BJDs

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: Bran the Bear

This little fluffy trickster is a generic offshoot of a cartoon bear design I created on commission, posted here by permission of the buyer. Picnic basket safety not guaranteed

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file: KigBear2

Model: Muertina

This model was based on my first ever kig; a sugarskull character named Muerta. Hopefully this wide eyed little skele will melt your heart even if her own isn’t beating

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:

Model: 1yra

1yra (Lyra) is just your typical robot anime girl. AI not included in download files.

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file: 1yra

Model: Angry Flutterbat

A prototype model of Flutterbat created by Flora Hill during the early concept phase of making the flutterbat model for Anne Brambles Flutterbat kig. 

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file:  AngryFlutterbat

Model: Mami(Adult variant)

A prototype model of Mami Tomoe,  slightly older version of her than was on the show…  

    – Zip with Sculptris model and obj file: MamiAdultSC1, MamiAdult 


Other masks… 

These are models made by others and were not created as part of the OpenKig project.
They are open source and so we are listing them here,  Enjoy ! 

Model: PonyKig

MLP-ish Kig mask. Source information in the included file

Model: PonyKig Variants